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"How much do I need to retire?"


This question really depends on 3 factors which are unique to each person and family. We focus on goals-based financial planning for your wealth management to help us answer the following questions:


1. At what age do you want to retire?

2. What is your desired income from all sources in retirement (government benefits, pension plans, registered and non-registered investments, rental income, annuities) and how do you envision your retirement lifestyle. All of this is further complicated by incorporating an indexing factor to protect the purchasing power of your income over a long period of time.

3. What rate of return will you earn on your retirement investment assets before and after retirement, what level of risk are you comfortable with and are you being as tax efficient as possible with your savings?

As you can see, there are a few moving parts in this calculation but there is one constant: the earlier you start the more options and opportunities you will have upon retirement.


A question we get asked frequently, is how much should I be saving for my retirement? It is a straightforward question with no easy answer. Every person and family is unique and it is important that a financial plan is customized to your goals and life aspirations. There are a number of questions to consider outside of the simple calculations entered into most of the retirement calculators out there. Calculators can give you a basic understanding of where you are today, and what it might take to get to where you want to be. Contact us to set up an assessment with a financial planner.

Below are a few of our thoughts on these online tools.


  • They are simple and free to use!

  • They are easy to find on the internet and you can try out different calculators.

  • They work! Some better than others, but you can see the time value of money invested and how much you might need to meet a specific target. Contact us to set up an assessment with a financial planner.


  • They are often too simple to handle your family and tax situation. Contact us to set up an assessment with a financial planner.

  • They can’t fluctuate your income levels throughout retirement. Do you want to travel for a few years or every year? Will you spend less as you age? What about assisted living expenses if required?

  • They generally do not incorporate an estate plan? Do you want to leave money for your children or charity? Is that an inflation protected amount?

  • They are only as good as the assumptions you make and the background configurations built into the calculator.

We fully embrace the use of online tools, and we believe that it is important for you to be educated about wealth and planning.

We also believe it is important to complete a thorough analysis of your position today and where you want to be in the future.

Your life, family situation and goals are all unique, ensure that your financial projections are tailored to fit your needs.

We can help! Contact us to set up an assessment with a financial planner.

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